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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning systems

Commercial properties can vary greatly in size from a small retail shop or a coffee shop to large office buildings or public venues.

Companies who manufacture commercial air conditioning systems need their product to meet the needs of all the different sizes and configurations of buildings. They need to be flexible in the heating capacities that their units provide.

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There are 3 main choices when it comes to selecting commercial air conditioners:

VRV or VRF System

Variable refrigerant volume (VRV) and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) are different terms that actually describe the same product. One company developed the VRV technology and protected the name so that other companies couldn’t use it. Everyone else simply calls it VRF!

This system is most suitable for medium to large commercial properties like large retail stores, the larger office buildings and hotels.

These systems are efficient, reliable and easy to control. They can handle all the cooling and heating requirements of these larger buildings. The installation time required is also less than for other systems which keeps any disruption to your business to an absolute minimum.

There are 2 variations of VRV/VRF systems. Heat recovery and heat pump. Heat pump systems provide cooling and heating but not both at the same time. Heat recovery systems can provide both cooling and heating at the same time in different areas of your building.

Heat pump systems are the best option for open plan spaces whereas heat recovery is best for buildings with several rooms.

Heat recovery air conditioning systems are the most efficient for commercial properties. They work by recovering any waste heat from different areas of the building. It is then used to heat water or the other rooms. You also have the option of cooling one room while heating another.

Our expert commercial team will work out the best option to fit your requirements. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Single Split System

This is the most affordable type of system and can provide cooling and heating to individual rooms. The system is most suitable for small commercial properties . Small offices, server rooms, cafes and shops are most suited to this type of air conditioning.

These units can also be used in combinations in larger rooms or multiple rooms although this isn’t always a cost effective solution as you need an outdoor unit for each indoor unit. In some circumstances it can be cheaper than installing a multi split system. There is the added bonus that if one of the units breaks down then the other units will still be working.

Multi Split System

As you would expect these work in the same way as single split systems. Up to 9 indoor units can connect to a single outdoor unit. This type of system is most often used in larger offices, doctor’s surgeries, restaurants and larger retail stores.

Having too many outdoor units can spoil the outward appearance of a commercial property. This makes the multi split system popular with larger commercial property owners. Another plus point is that the multi split system allows the use of different indoor units. The business owner can choose between wall mounted or ceiling mounted units depending on the purpose of the room it is in. An air curtain above the entrance is also possible with this system.

Commercial air conditioning contractors

There is huge competition between contractors in Brisbane but if you are searching for the best service and the best deals on the best products in commercial air conditioning then you will find them right here.

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Commercial air conditioning repairs

We don’t just sell you a system and leave you to it. We realise that you will need help to maintain your air conditioning system and we will be available to carry out any repairs quickly and efficiently to keep your air conditioning system operating at its best.

Commercial air conditioning prices

It is difficult to give prices here as commercial properties vary so much in size, configuration and individual requirements.

We will recommend and fit the air conditioning system that best suits your premises. Our commercial team is the best in the business and you can be confident that the free quote that you get from us will be exceptional value for money. You will not find a better deal anywhere in Brisbane.