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Air Conditioning Installation

There are a lot of firms in Brisbane that offer air conditioning installation. Obviously some offer better value for money than others.

If you have found this site then you are looking to purchase air conditioning in Brisbane. We have everything you need right here! We are the best in the business. The best deals on the best products.

There are two main types of air conditioning systems but which one is best for you? Our experts will visit your home and advise you on which system is the most suitable.

Ducted air conditioning installation

If you have a large property then ducted air conditioning can be an ideal solution to air conditioning your home. It can be custom made to ensure that the look of your rooms isn’t affected. Just the discharge and return air grilles are visible.

The indoor unit is hidden above the ceiling or occasionally under the floor and we use flexible ducting to distribute the air around the home.

All our ducted air conditioning systems exceed the requirements laid down by the Minimum Energy Performance Standards.

Split system air conditioning installation

This is probably the most popular system for domestic air conditioning. It doesn’t use ducting that can be intrusive in a small space.

This system connects the outdoor unit to one indoor unit. If you only require air conditioning in one room then split system air conditioning is the most cost effective option.

If you want a system to cover multiple rooms then there is another option. The best solution could be a multi split system. This connects one outdoor unit up to multiple indoor units.

One benefit of the multi split system is the ability to set individual temperatures in each room.

Another plus point is that the indoor units can be matched to each room. For example a small unit may be perfect for a small room but a larger space is better served by a much larger unit. The split system air conditioner makes it much easier to match the system to the requirements of each home.

Inverter air conditioner

There is another option for air conditioning your home though it is not as popular. An inverter air conditioner is more expensive although the running costs for this system are significantly lower than for the ducted or split system units. The running costs are around 30% to 50% cheaper.

This system gives the desired temperature quicker than other systems and runs quieter. If purchase costs are not an issue for you then this is an excellent option for your air conditioning requirements.

Air conditioning installation costs

You have decided that you need air conditioning. The climate in Brisbane means you need it virtually all year round but with rising electricity costs you need to keep the running costs under control.

This is an important reason why you must get advice on the best system for your home. The more efficiently the chosen system can work to air condition your home, the more cost effective it will be.

When buying an air conditioning system you should expect to spend anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on which system you need.

A standalone unit may cost around $500 or a brand new split system could start at $1700. The cost varies in line with the unit’s energy output.

If you are shopping around for the best deal, bear in mind that since the scrapping of the carbon tax in 2014, vendors have to reduce the cost of their air conditioning systems. If they don’t then they face fines.

When you have selected your air conditioning system you need to get it installed. Air conditioning installers charge by the hour. The hourly rate can vary greatly. The rates can be anything from $17 to $60 per hour. You may find some that charge up to $85 per hour. The rates depend on which system you chose, where your home is located and how many units are to be installed.

We are one of the most competitively priced air conditioning installation services that you will find in Brisbane. When looking at our whole package we are confident that you will agree we offer exceptional value for money.

Air conditioning installation in Brisbane

Our expert installation teams are highly trained and deliver a first class service. Once our advisors have matched your home situation to the best product, the installation will be carried out to a highly professional standard.

Disruption during the installation cannot be avoided but we will work quickly and tidily to keep that disruption to a minimum. We will respect your home as if it was our own and our aim is to leave your property as clean as it was when we arrived.